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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Dr. Cassie Irwin


All-Season Thrive Guide

Hiding under a blanket of tissues through allergy season is no way to spend our precious few months of warm Canadian weather! Follow these diet, supplement, and lifestyle tips to ensure your quality o

A Sigh of Relief

One in four working Canadians describe most of their days as “quite a bit” or “extremely stressful.” And if this survey had been conducted in 2020, that statistic might have been a tad higher! While t

Take the Sting Out of Your Child’s Allergies

When your child spends more time scratching, sneezing, and wheezing than playing and adventuring, it can be hard to know how to help them with their allergies. While antihistamines and epinephrine hav

Top 10 Men's Health Supplements

Guys, listen up! Just like certain nutrients are extra important for women, some are key for men. Even if you eat a perfect diet, chances are you\'re missing out on one or more of these essential nutri

Taking Charge of Men’s Health

Most men would rather clean the toilet than go to the doctor, according to 72 percent of respondents in a 2019 men’s health survey. Regardless of whether that toilet actually gets cleaned, men still d

The Rise Of Autoimmunity

While we might like to pat ourselves on the back for staying late at work, exchanging sleep for to-do lists, and eating what’s quick and convenient, we’ve become our own worst enemy: rates of autoimmu

8 Things to Know About Autoimmunity

You would be surprised at how much isn’t known about autoimmunity, and what stressors in everyday life can make an impact. You can find the full article on page 19 of alive’s April 2020 issue, under “

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