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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Plantar Fasciitis: Getting to the Bottom of It

Has heel pain got you down? Explore all things plantar fasciitis in this deep dive, including home remedies that are truly effective. You might just find yourself fascia-nated. 01Problems afootPlantar

Kind Is Beautiful

Even before COVID, a Statistics Canada survey reported that as many as 1.4 million elderly Canadians reported feeling lonely. COVID has only exacerbated this issue. But increased isolation is just one

Staying Sharp

When you’re in your twenties and thirties, memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease may seem like distant concerns. But taking care of your brain isn’t something you should put off. Certainly, the vast maj

Digging For The Roots Of Our Food

“Gardening is not a rational act.”—Margaret Atwood This land is strewn with the innards and skins of those who did not survive. I would weep, but for the fact of knowing that many more endured and lie

Changing Conditions

The term “pre-existing conditions” was arguably one of the most ominous buzz phrases of 2020. Chronic health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease—previously considered to be primarily

Detoxification For The Whole Person

As we mark a year of living with the tension and hypervigilance imposed upon us by the deadly pathogen called SARS-CoV-2, it may be the perfect time to detoxify, both mentally and physically. The term

Love by the Bagful

I have a chip problem. I try (sometimes weekly) to enter into a reasonable, long-term relationship with a family-sized bag of All-Dressed Ruffles. Yet, I find that after 20 minutes or so, it has alrea

Your Pre- and Mid-Workout Nutrition Guide

Most of us will never need to eat that much. But endurance sports, whether you’re running a marathon or a 5K, do require a different approach to nutrition, starting with doubling your carbohydrate int

Supplemental Support

When you need some backup, you can turn to several supplements that have demonstrated antiviral properties. Maintaining a healthy immune system with a little support may help keep the bugs at bay. And

Eat, Stay, Love

Come February, many of us rush to buy chocolates and make dinner reservations to show our affection for our partners or spouses. But what if you gift each other something better this year? Rather than

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