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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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3 Holiday Activities to Engage with Loved Ones

3 Holiday Activities to Engage with Loved OnesAny time can be the right time to enjoy memorable moments with family members, but the holidays present a special opportunity to have meaningful conversat

Holiday Crafting

Holiday CraftingBe Inspired by Traditions From Around the WorldBring the joy and celebration of holiday traditions from around the world to your home this season. From the quaint custom of placing han

Holiday Gifting Made Easy

Holiday Gifting Made EasyGift ideas for everyone on your listNo matter who you’re buying for this year, putting some extra thought into the personality and hobbies of your recipient can help brighten

Creative Ways to Add Order to Your Home

Creative Ways to Add Order to Your HomeAlthough there are hundreds of options for organizing your home, the pieces you make yourself are the ones that truly reflect your personality. Adding your own f

Crafty Back-to-School Projects for Kids

Crafty Back-to-School Projects for KidsBack-to-School time is one of the busiest of the year. Kids love the excitement of catching up with friends, learning new things and meeting new teachers. Teache

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Make Your Own Advent CalendarCounting down the days until Christmas with an advent calendar can be a fun way to keep the holiday spirit alive all month. This year, make your own advent calendar - it\'s

A Crafty Storage Solution

A Crafty Storage SolutionA desk or workspace is one of the most difficult spaces to organize. Between the things you need to keep within reach and the mementos and treasures you want close by, chasing

Sensible Solutions for Holiday Gifting

Sensible Solutions for Holiday GiftingPractically every year there’s at least one person on your holiday gift list that seems to have it all. One way to think outside the box is to sift through wants

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