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3 Ways Pet Adoption Can Be a Win for All

3 Ways Pet Adoption Can Be a Win for AllPet adoption improves – and sometimes saves – the lives of millions of furry friends each year. However, the benefits of adoption are not a one-way street. Rese

5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy and HealthyWhile cats can be quite independent animals, they still rely on their pet parents to maintain their well-being. It’s up to pet owners to provide the adequate c

3 Tips to Support Your Pet’s Immune System

3 Tips to Support Your Pet\'s Immune SystemUp to 70% of a pet’s immune system is contained within his or her digestive system.“The digestive tract has immune cells that provide surveillance and are the

A Healthy Way to Work

A Healthy Way to WorkImprove health and performance at the officeBetween the hours staring at a computer screen and the nearly constant temptation of treats in the breakroom, most offices are not know

Boost Your Spirits Through the Holidays and Beyond

Boost Your Spirits Through the Holidays and BeyondStress and anxiety are all too familiar to many Americans, this year especially, and the added pressure of the holiday season may provide a new set of

10 Surprising Facts About Calcium and Your Body

Calcium is a crucial nutrient that helps the body fulfill many functions. You may associate calcium with your daily glass of milk or serving of yogurt to help support strong bones. However, there’s mu

10 Reasons to Make Matcha a Part of Your Day

Matcha has been enjoyed in Japan for hundreds of years. Among the country’s most culturally significant beverages, it is the centerpiece of a traditional Japanese tea ritual, called chanoyu. In recent

All-Season Thrive Guide

Hiding under a blanket of tissues through allergy season is no way to spend our precious few months of warm Canadian weather! Follow these diet, supplement, and lifestyle tips to ensure your quality o

15 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a true multi-tasker. This laudable oil offers seemingly unlimited benefits—and unlimited ways it can be used. Try these exciting new tips to supercharge your nutritional, health, and be

Caring For The Carer

If the recent health care environment has taught us anything, it’s that our health system relies heavily on home caregiving for those who are sick and dying. And while there are benefits to home care

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